About 101 Art

About artists-Grace lin-James Wu

Founders of 101art.com:
James Wu & Grace Lin

Who are we?   
We are artist couple James Wu & Grace Lin who live and work in St. Louis Missouri. We originally from Taiwan and have been teaching art courses in St. Louis since 2001.

For more information about us, please visit our websites at www.wuarts.com and www.gracelinart.com.
Please follow us on our social links below pages.

Our Experiences and Skills:
Oil Painting, Watercolor, Chinese Painting, Chinese Calligraphy, Drawing, Photography, Hand-made Crafts, and Web Design.

What’s new at 101art.com?
In the beginning of 2000, we created 101art.com to show our paintings online. After teaching arts for many years, our intention is to develop our website 101art.com to share our artworks, ideas, techniques with art collectors, galleries, artists, art educators, students, and anyone who loves arts.
We would like to invite more people around the world to share ideas, techniques, job opportunity for artists, or links for learning arts online and more…
Please join us to share your idea and information.

Painting techniques online:
As Art instructors, we would like to share our painting techniques by videos which we have made for youtube. And will develope e-books in the future.
Please check back often for our new art products or updated information.

We appreciate your feedback and any comments.
Please contact us for any questions.

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